Cabbage Roll Bowl

2 T olive oil
1 onion, diced
1/2 bell pepper, diced
3 stalks celery, diced
1-2 jalapeño, diced (seeds removed if you don’t like the heat)
1 T minced garlic
1 tsp black pepper
1# ground meat (I used chicken)
1 head cabbage, chopped
1 small can tomato paste
1 can Rotel tomatoes
1 c tomato sauce
2 c beef broth (or your favorite)
1 T coconut aminos (opt. You could use soy sauce)
2 T Worcestershire
2 T seasoned rice vinegar
1-2 T Splenda brown sugar substitute (opt)
3 T butter
Salt to taste

Heat oil in a large Dutch oven or stock pot; sauté veggies, garlic and black pepper until onions are translucent. Add ground meat and cook through, about 15 minutes on medium heat. Add cabbage and remaining ingredients except for the butter. Cover and reduce heat to low for about 45 minutes stirring occasionally. Cabbage should be tender but not mushy. Once cooked down, add the butter and stir in until melted. Let this sit for about 15 minutes, stir again.

Salt to taste if needed. I add salt last because the tomato products, coconut aminos or soy sauce, and broth are salty.

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