Smokin’ some HOT chix!

On Monday, I got up and got the 5 gallon bucket out because I felt like brining and smoking some chicken. If you’ve never smoked a whole chicken, let me recommend spatchcocking it first. Spatchcocking is a technique used to remove the spine from the chicken. It sounds like a laborious process, but really isContinue reading “Smokin’ some HOT chix!”

Weekend at the smoker!

So, it was an amazingly beautiful weekend in the north Dallas area! On Saturday, I decided to try out a recipe for Smoked Chili from one of my online mentors, Susie Bulloch [Hey Grill Hey! (]. If you don’t know about Susie’s site, please go and take a look! She competed and placed 2nd onContinue reading “Weekend at the smoker!”